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I am so excited about this campaign and the opportunity to represent you as the Judge of the 257th Family Court.   Over the past 22 years I've seen first-hand the enemy's attempt to destroy our children by tearing apart families.   For the sake of our community and the many lives that are forever affected by judicial decisions, we need judges that are committed to putting families first! ... particularly our children!

Fighting the good fight!

There is a WAR on families!  It will require someone with a BRAVE HEART.  I have discovered that positive outcomes occur in the court system when judges stand strong for righteous principals and do not abandon the fundamentals of "fairness and families first?" - even when faced with threats, malicious attacks, or disgruntled opponents.   Too often we see elected officials afraid to stand up for justice.  We need judges who will stand strong for what is right and fight the good fight for our community.  I am that BRAVE HEART.

I am also a FIGHTER! For over 21 years I have been fighting for families.  For example, I had to fight for my client's constitutional right to a jury trial when a judge ruled against it.  The 1st Court of Appeals agreed with my petition and ordered the trial court to allow the jury trial.  I've also fought many times for child and spousal support for my clients, even when once faced with the wrath of a newly-appointed Federal Bankruptcy Judge.

Wisdom and Experience

I want the opportunity to serve our community, uphold Christian principals of fairness, and stand strong for our children.  As a previously divorced, mother of two, I know the devastating feeling individuals experience when going before a judge.  Not being assured of the outcome - let alone how I would survive as a single parent - I experienced one of the most fearful moments of my life.  While I never anticipated how God could ever use this to His glory, it has certainly prepared me for such a time as this.  My experiences give me a unique perspective, empathy, and understanding, toward those I represent and for those that may stand before me as a judge.  My opponent lacks this first-hand perspective.

Likewise, the joy I have experienced with my blended family has been remarkable.  I have been blessed with a supportive husband and with children who are well-adjusted.  I can personally speak to the importance of healing and co-parenting for the benefit of children caught in a divorce.

Beyond my personal experiences, I am the only candidate with jury trial experience and the only candidate that is a Board Certified Family Law Specialist.  The Houston Chronicle Editorial Board recently wrote "we endorse Melanie Flowers because of her experience trying cases before juries, which her opponent lacks."  To see more of my qualifications and my proposed improvements for the 257th, please see the rest of this website and sign-up for my campaign updates.

I need your support!

I cannot win this race alone.  I need YOU!  I need your prayers; I need your support; and I need your vote.  Can I count on you?

Respectfully yours,

Melanie Flowers
257th Family District Court

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